Half kin thinks that I owe her something and is very evil


She is medically classified having mental retardation. I know better, she is just a lazy sloth. Free money from SSID. I guess I could of taken that route too. But I love to go out and work. And she also dabbles in witchcraft.

SO YES she is full of negativity. In her, it surrounds her. Darkness, and bitterness. She is also a 2 face hypocrite. Insanely jealous person. (which I hate) You actually see her face change to something soo evil when she gets jealous. And to top it off she thinks that everyone is scared of her. And has even went as far as buying a pacifier and she is 38 yrs old. She calls herself "baby"

If there was not a law against beating her up I would still be kicking her stupid ass. I have tried to understand the situation, but I know better. She does have some mental problems, ONLY because she has refused to live a normal life. And she is tied down because her father (who she is a duplicate of) is a control, evil freak. that is suffering as I type this. Karma is more than bad and evil when it happens to you.

I remember crying out to the Lord to stop her from having epileptic seizures, well I beg to differ and am taking saying that back. May she have seizures for the rest of her evil life. That would fdo her good. Why should I try to help someone who hates me that much? This old woman hates me (and I have done nothing wrong) I feel her negativety and its awful, evil and gross. She is gross.

NO, I do not want to reason about it and NO I dont wish her well! She is beyond help. And no good person should help her. She is sticking her hand in fire with witchcraft. I have told her that the devil himself is using her and will eat her soul at the end. She is making the devil laugh with delight at her doings. She has him on her side, until he decides that he doesnt want her as his puppet. NO ONE IS SUBJECT TO REJECTION FROM KARMA.

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