Guilt Stopped Me From Feeling Good About Myself

by Rose Tol
(Perth, Australia)

Hi Catherine,

First I want to say that I love your website. There is so much information and really valuable. Congratulations with such a genuine site!

I wanted to share how a miracle came into my life and how guilt has kept me from feeling good about myself, having a healthy self confidence.

I have always felt this deep feeling of not being good enough somehow, or some how there was a place in me that felt like I was a bad person.

In my transformation I worked hard on it and a fair bit of this feeling had left me, but somehow the feeling of unworthiness, although a lot less, was still lingering.

As I ventured deeper and deeper inside myself I stumbled on a big pool of guilt. I did not consider myself as a person riddled with guilt but I was very surprised to see the amount of guilt that was buried, deep inside of me. I felt deep guilt for all the things I had said and done to people that truly were the opposite of God's unconditional love. The judgments, the righteousness and the dismissal of people to just name a few.

I tried for years to let go of the guilt, but this was a difficult thing for me to do. I somehow could not shake it all the way.

Then a miracle happened in my life. One of my teachers told me the following:

"You like the feeling of guilt. Feeling guilty has you belief that you have done something about the things you are feeling guilty about, feel guilty. It lets you off the hook from taking responsibility".

My whole life changed. I heard him and I took action.

First: no more feeling guilty...I just said no to the feeling.
Secondly: I had some apologizing to do. To myself and others for the harsh thoughts and action I had taken.
Third: I forgave myself as I truly did not know better in those days.

These words about the feeling of guilt and how it has you fooled that you are doing something about it led me out of my prison.

Pretty soon after that any feelings of not feeling good about myself were gone, and still are 10 years later!
I am feeling a confidence and love for myself that is real and sweet at times.

To this day I am so grateful for my teacher.

I hope these words about guilt can help others to and that is why I wanted to share them.

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Good luck,

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