Goodbye Beautie..

by Destiny Shields
(Newville, PA 17241 )

It was all too much for her
Although she didn’t give up
She almost did though..

The day had came
Beautiful bright rose red they said
No One was ready, not at all
Good thing though she gave her all
But she couldn’t fight back any longer

She was always laying there resting
While everyone else was praying
Everyone was crying..
Time was running out she couldn’t shout
The time was going by fast
She had 1 year left but it flew by..
Seemed more like a few months

The machines started beeping
While everyone started weeping
She's gone now.
The beautiful girl is gone..
No more fighting no more battles
It’s all over.

The time stopped for her at that moment.
Even her heart had stopped..
Everything died off.
The machines got turned off
As did everything else too.

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