Future Mother-In-Law manipulates about money

by Nicole

My future MIL receives money from her son every month for bills. She's very negative to me about never having money to do anything with. I feel like she's "trying" to manipulate me just like her children. I'm sure she feels she's going to be "cut off" as soon as we marry. Her son will soon have his own family to support and has agreed to have a talk with her about it before we marry.

She has always been a Single mom and always reminds her children what shes gone through and makes them feel sorry for her...by getting them to do things for her.

I have also been a single mother for the past 5 years and know it's NOT a good excuse to make her children feel that way. Yes...it's been hard at times, but Always leave the money talk out of it and do something about it.

Hows the best way to go around this and not get attached by her negativity and manipulation since.....she will soon be my mother-in-law?

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Jun 08, 2011
Same situation
by: Anonymous

i am having exactly the same issue. The only difference is my husband to be is still going to support her when we are married.

Jul 02, 2011
Needy inlaws
by: Anonymous

I have also been putting up with this for five years. His parents require him to pay for almost everything and he takes care of most of his siblings needs as well. Their financial needs always come before mine and they now live in a home that he baught because their always broke! When I visit the house that their living in I see alot of things like sheets, towels and dishes that are from my house and have been given to them! It is unnessisary to take from me because he has purchased them, all new furniture, linnens, kitchen supplies etc... They seem completly ungratful for everything he has done for them and constantly are wondering when they are going to get more! I feel so bad for him but this is a very codependent family and they don't know any other way to live. If he continues to provide everything for them while i suffer a lack of any luxuries including sometimes food! I will be done with this marrage. I feel like the other women not the wife!

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