Extreme Negativity Personality

by Leon Steyn
(Pretoria south Africa)

Very good article and good advice. If you have not been exposed to a person with a severe negative personality you might think it is not that bad and that it is easy to sit down with him and reason things out.

Unfortunately trying to reason out a problem usually ends up in another argument since the person does not offer any help not does he or she accept any help or suggestions because they simply believe they have done nothing wrong. Thus they will accept apologies and will be great full that you have come to an understanding of your problem.

Having to cope with such behavior is what usually opens up another problem since you always feel that you gain nothing and looses each argument and effort to resolve the problem.

the sad thing is that if it is a co-worker or a friend you can walk away from that and you solve it that way. If it is a father or brother or wife or husband the situation is different. However, if nothing works you have to resort to the most extreme solution and that is to accept you can't change anything and walk away from someone you might love. The distance with you out of the way will at least bring some calmness for someone else to enjoy.

One must also keep in mind that if this is your personality you will believe everybody else is like this and that this article is for them. Wake up it is not always them, sometimes it is YOU or ME and we don't know it.

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May 24, 2012
would you consider..............
by: Anonymous

Not exceptiing change being negative. I have stepped back a number of times because co workers can't.or won't except reasonable new ideas in job improvement. So when I have the chance to to work by myself ,work goes more smoothly.

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