Eliminate depression with a camera!

by David Beazley
(Ashland City,Tennessee)

How to eliminate depression and become positive again!

We all at some time get depressed,we feel the pressures of work or relationship,money,you name it there are many forces out there that are waiting ready to jump out and take over our thoughts. Do you feel sometimes or alot of times that life is just the same %$#* different day? I know I have. Life can turn one into a real mess ,zapp our energy and make us feel like we are just existing and not living.
One tool that has become very affective in helping me sustain a positive attitude is my camera, I take it with me all the time,i even have one built into my phone.Do you have one? if so I want to send you on a quest for the next 7 days. here are the tools you will need.

1.-a camera
2. the ability to move and go outside.
3. a alarm clock(optional but recommended)

Starting early in the morning your assignment is to wake up,grab your camera and go outside and find beautiful,funny,positive things and take a snap shot of them. you must at least take 1 picture of something like that, and if you have a facebook page,post it on your wall with the caption "It's a beautiful day!" or "It's a hilarious day! whatever your picture says use that.do that everyday for the next 7 days and notice in yourself if you become a bit more in tune with life! if so share your experience with someone and challenge them, most everyone has a camera ,lets use it's hidden feature.

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