Difficult Person!! Yep.. I am one Lol

by Andrew Jackson
(Alexandria, VA, United States)

I am actually the author of a book about Difficult People on Kindle Amazon, and what I want to say here is that I am still a difficult person. And you know why, because we all are difficult on certain moments or with certain people. However, the breakthrough is that it's in you to decide if you want to be a difficult person with that specific person. It is your responsibility to change the thoughts you have about this person, change the thoughts of this person as being difficult, that he or she is the difficult one and not you. The solution is here.. You want to be aware what your thoughts are every time you think or see this person, and what is it that this person does that makes you think that he or she is a difficult person. Everything starts within you. And thats what I said I am a difficult person because there might be some things I do or say that some of my friends or family members find annoying, therefore they think I am the one being difficult. And it is Ok to do or say those things as long as you are not hurting anyone because that is your personality. I hope this made any sense to you. I know this way of seeing things is a little off, and more challenging because it requires you to put on the work. Have a great day

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