by TL

This is a great website for younger people - full of ideas and help on how to put your life together. But I am 65 years old, stuck in a job I hate in a field I hate and not only bored to death with life, but also terribly afraid that it's too late to change anything. I'm so depressed that I don't know what I want anymore. I don't really enjoy anything. I feel very stuck and alone with all this.
I have had to work from an early age, raised kids alone, never really had an opportunity for a "career" - just had to be satisfied with a "job" to put bread on the table. That's now done but I'm too old to retrain for something else - I would never get done by the time I retire. Also, I'm broke because I don't get paid well and live in a very expensive locale.
All my friends have moved away now and I have no one to talk to or associate with. I'm very lonely.
All I do know is that I want to quit this job, not work again, and move away from here.
Where to start figuring out how to accomplish anything towards such a goal? Any advice from anyone?

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