You focus on the unprovable because you're cowards who lack confidence. So, you lie, and act self important, while protected from being held accountable for what you do or say. That is a choice, your choice. You're too afraid to even face reality, and constantly lying and pretending to know about things you have no knowledge of only reinforce your reliance on avoiding the truth, about everything. And the thing is that even though you do this, you're still unhappy, still sensitve to criticism, still unable to do things you want. Yes, society allows and even promotes this behavior of "don't care about anything" and all the kids know it's cool, so it's an easy bandwagon to hop on. But, not caring is really just an excuse to not think about or face things. Which can be fine, but to do it constantly turns you into a coward who can't face problems, reality, and address your flaws. School shootings get ignored not because people are "hard", but because they're too afraid to think about it. And the biggest problem is people being too cowardly to admit when someone is doing something wrong. They're afraid of being made fun of, afraid to face the person to blame, afraid of doing anything "good" and looking uncool. But also people are afraid of speaking out, and no one caring. Online people can hurt you or your friends, and they get away with it, so its easier to just try to ignore it. THAT IS A CHOICE. And the truth is, doing Nothing in the face of injustice or persecution is being complicit to it. If you just spoke out and acknowledged that what people are doing is wrong, that would be eonough. And haters have always been cowards, just disagreeing with them is enough to stop them. But doing nothing when someone does something wrong is the same as encouraging them. That is what you choose. You're too lazy or scared to just say "That's wrong". Why? Can you really not handle someone calling you lame on the internet? No, of course not. You just need to choose to do so. And thats the biggest threat and problem people face. You get so used to doing and thinking the same things so much that you get stuck, brainwashed, programmed. Like all things, how you think and choose to react becomes a habbit. Yet because its so easy to do, people don't realize it. So, Choose to not be a mindless zombie, don't just follow memes and whats popular. CHOOSE to be more honest online. Admit when you don't know something, don't try so hard to be cool, Don't lie about subjects you know nothing about. This is Important: CHOOSE TO THINK. Think about what you're doing. If you dislike something, think about and explain what you think is wrong. And if you get proven wrong, but are still mad, Think about why you are mad. If you don't want to spend the time debating, thats fine....then simply don't respond. Don't just say "ur wrong" and pretend you're right. That's basically what crazy cult leaders do....Lastly, Choose to think for yourself. Now, people have no intelligence or independent thought. They just follow whatever popular trend they are told, even if they know nothing about it. When one sees hundreds of comments all saying the same thing, and no one disagreeing, it's human nature to feel like siding with the majority. So, Don't read the comments, don't care about how popular a post is. Don't even look as it can just make you nervous. Learn to ignore popular opinion and just form your own ideas. Mostly by not looking at comments, likes, etc. etc.,
So, here's a rough draft of real psychology and human behavior studies based ideas, for free. You're welcome.

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