by J.L.

My mum already had a child was married and had already cheated on my “dad” before I was conceived/born, around the time I was conceived my mum cheated again. I’m not sure who is my dad, my “dad” or a random my mum hooked up with. I found out when I was twelve (which seems to be a lot younger than others on this site) and then when I was fourteen she told my “dad” the info about the time I was conceived that It was possible that I wasn’t his. Now I’m wondering what to do, please help.

we are Christians and I would prefer to do this biblically and to the lord and Yahweh.

My “dad” didn’t leave her for two years and he has asked her to move out two years and a bit later.
I think it’s right, but I’m scared what if he isn’t my dad, will he want to pay for me or let me live with him? He said he will love me like his own if I am not his and he said us three children (i am the middle child of three -my older sister is definitely his and so is my younger brother-) will be living with him at our current house.

Thanks for letting me rant,
I’m so confused!

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Jan 02, 2018
You're not alone
by: Ladybug

I just want to give you a hug and tell you I'm so sorry for what you're going through. You definitely aren't alone. Our Heavenly Father truly is close to the brokenhearted and not the author of confusion. You are the apple of his eye and he cares for you. No matter what happens with your earthly paternity, your most important identity is in Christ, and no one can take that from you. I found out about my "dad situation" when I was seven. I have only learned to deal with the impact this has had on my life as an adult. My dad-who-raised me never officially adopted me and didn't pay child support, but in every other way, he loved me as his own. The $$ part probably had more to do with not wanting to pay my mom than not wanting to care for me. He passed away during my young adulthood. I wish I had appreciated his affection for me more while he was living, and I wish I had asked him to adopt me. He was a great guy and so much fun. I miss him a lot. My bio-dad hasn't really wanted to acknowledge me much, so that's been tough, but it's made me lean more on the Lord as my comforter. In the Bible, Joseph's family life was a mess, and Jesus was raised by a sort of step-dad, so there's nothing new under the sun, you know?

Dec 25, 2017
by: J.L.

Though... if there are others willing/wanting to contribute then they are more then very very welcome... please help me!

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