Breathe, it´ll be okay...

by Destiny Shields
(Newville, PA 17241 )

As the tears rolled down the pretty girls face
No one knew what to do nor what to say to her…
She had problems going on but she never spoke.
She was quiet, really quiet, less friends were around.
Most of her smiles and laughs were fake though..
She dressed pretty to cover up to
She holds everything in..
Her issue is just that she can’t hold it in..
Everything that happens..
She never says a thing about.
Nothing bad though she promises.
Over time she breaks down piece by piece..
Time only tells though as to when she will be happy.
Only time she speaks is with smart comments
Kicking things outta the way as if pushing them out.
Anyway she isn’t okay.. Nor will she ever be.
Yes, she is young but she’s already lost.
She falls to her knees as everyone laughs at her.
Her legs bent under her as she sits on them.
Everyone just stares laughing because she’s crying..
No one understands the pain the girl suffers.
Everyday she thinks of the pain because it doesn’t fade.
Even the ones who understand laugh at her..
Do you realize it makes it worse for her?
So think about it, might be funny but hurts more for her..
Happiness is all she wants but never gets it.
Every time she tries her body fights her and ends it for her.
Listen just look at the words closely is it normal..
People put her down so much but no one truly listens to her.
Just listen for once..
It'll be okay..

I wrote this poems to get some things off my chest, people always say you´ll be okay but sometimes they never make it in life to where things would´ve been okay.

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