are those signs of jelaousy?

by Zoe
(Canada )

2 years ago my husbands friend got married. His wife and I very soon become close friends. I really like her,better say adore her, she is so smart,self confident,successful for her young age, and very beautiful. In past two months I have noticed some changes and at first that seemed to me that I am imagining. Since we've been closer I have seen other friends much less than her.

For New Year we have spend time with our old friends because her and husband went to visit his family. I am not sure but it seems to me that since I have seen those old friends that I got insight to see my friendship with her in real light.
Something started bothering me and it is sounds so silly but I went to facebook and there is option wall-to-wall, how much I have wrote to her on wall and how much she has wrote to me since we become closer. I was shocked finding out that I wrote her 57 times and she wrote me 38 times. About 20 % was me initiation to get together and do something. Than when I start thinking she never calls me to chat with me it is always us 4 talking together on the speaker phone.
Few weeks after I noticed some of her comments that are now really upsetting me. We have renovated our condo and painted walls in white.
They have bought house, and when we talked about wall paint they said " oh' I would never paint white it looks so blunt"
I think that is insensitive, considering that we have white walls and it doesn't look blunt if you know how to decorate with white color.

Second when we talked about vacations, my husband and I would like to go in Costa Rica on mount bike trip for a week... we love to be active on vacations.
Her reaction was " I would never go on vacation like this , it is such torture " with very opinionated and kind of rude tone of voice.
Than my husband was commenting on one of mine mascaras and there is one that I've payed more but makes eyelashes much bigger. Her reaction is " Oh I would never buy that mascara it's 15 $ and it doesn't to any better job than mine "
She is very career oriented and successful, her husband up to now was working just seasonal jobs where when it's done he is laid off and they all the time struggle with money.
My husband is career oriented with secure job and high pay. I have secure job and don't need to have high pay we really live comfortable.
Whenever we buy something we don't run to them and tell them all because we don't feel comfortable telling them " o we bought new TV and speakers " when we know they can't afford it. But when they come to our house and see something new , they are so silent until we mention. From 42 inches TV to 60 inches Tv is huge difference and they "didn't noticed" until we didn't tell them !
Anyway they do call us as soon as they can when they buy something to tell us !!! Her husband is starting new job but my husband is not happy about it because it's too risky but he reacts like my husbands opinion is not important.
I don't know what to think anymore. I am trying to figure out what is going on but can't do by my self anymore ... Is anyone can help me with this ?
I love those two friends I don't want to loose them but I don't know what to do ?
Thank you so much for taking time to read this and respond . It is appreciated.



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