Anxiety and uncertain of personality

by Tyler

So I'm 21 and always enjoyed the same things as my friends. Because I played a lot of sports and was pretty funny, I was kinda thrown in as being a hard-working, goofy jock. In school I studied hard though and was kind of an independant student since my friends were all busy worrying about girls. My home life is pretty much a very nice mom who raised me to be caring and considerate.

I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but since i have fairly intense anxiety I always have tons of voices going through my head. A lot of the time i doubt or question what peoples real intentions;/ meanings are and now I have a pretty bleak idea of who I am . I've tended to put on the hat to suit the situation I've been in and have a fairly confusing mix of personanlity traits and have some trouble dealing with them. How can I figure out who I am without being to generous or too hard on myself? How can I become confident in who I am and enjoy life when I don't have a definite personality that I can relate to or whatever.

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