by cccwwweeed

I too am feeling angry. I hate my mother right now and can't seem to talk to any one with out wanting to yell or say something mean. My sisters are trying to be there for me and I can't seem to even talk to them right now. I just want to shut everyone out. Leave me alone. Nothing is going right and it seems as if I have this anger all balled up in my throat. ?????

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Sep 22, 2009
by: Catherine,

Hi cccwwweeed,

Sorry to hear that you're feeling so angry.

If you take a step back, do you know what one thing is actually making you the angriest? Is it how your mom makes you feel, is it that she didn't do something, etc. What is the one thing that you're the angriest about?

It's your reaction to your mom that's the most important thing to figure out. Why is she causing this anger in you?

You can take back a lot of control when you can figure out what's really happening. For example, if she makes you feel like you're not important or valuable, that's an area you can look at within yourself and work on healing that part of you.

Or if it turns out that you're so frustrated because your mom has a difficult to deal with personality (eg is a blamer or narcissist) and you don't know how to deal with that then you can learn about the best ways to deal with that particular type of personality.

You do have options though and there are things you can do. Figure out the biggest issue first. Once you do that, then you'll have some ideas on the best way to deal with the situation. You'll also see that you're not really angry at your sisters and the world, you're just frustrated with this one thing and once you deal with that, you can move forwards.

It sounds like you're so angry at this one thing that it's just consuming your entire life. You definitely don't want to do that for any longer than you need to. It's good that you know that you're angry. That's step 1. So, just keep moving forwards. Ask yourself what's the real emotion you're feeling deep inside? What's the real issue behind the anger? Then you have a place to start.

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