Angry at on-going situation I just became aware of

One relative seems to have NPD And MPD, and the spouse gets upset and says he doesn't like to fight all the time either- mostly in traffic or toward evening, and I feel terrible and say to them, Don't be so cranky" The deal of it is, the other family member is a denier, and I get bawled out twice, ( while just trying to protect everybody from bad feeling that are hurt ) but they both hurt me.

Also, I have juvenile diabetes and I don't have insurance anymore because they dropped me because, and I worry about how much I cost because of retirement- out of pocket- both of them sneer at me and say that All I do is worry- well, would you blame me? (1) But if I keep it up, or in, my ulcers act up! ( probably from the insulin!)

Anyway, just thought I'd like to say I Loved the article and the don't worry anymore article, since thoughts are just random, attended to energy, all this reminds me of r-e-m-d!

That's all folks! Thanks for the eyeball. Absolutely right on!

Bye for now- p.s. I'd like to be Anybody's friend and eyeball and ear! Etc.

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