After 50 years the family secret finally slipped

by Christina
(Orange, California )

For most of my childhood I was always made to feel that there was a secret and it was about me, When I asked I was always dismissed. About 3 years ago one of my sisters told me Our father was not her biological father and to be honest I was relieved because I felt that know I knew the secret was about her. Well to my surprise, 3 months ago my oldest brother told me my father wasn't my biological father either and why he felt the need to tell me I still have no answers. I did confront my Mother and she did not confirm or deny this to be true but did mention a specific man's name... She said she would like to sit down and talk to my other sister and I, she said she was very embarrassed. I was very lost, angry and felt so detached. I was raised by a man that I call DAD, he raised me with so much love that it made my other siblings jealous. My Dad has passed but in my heart he will always be my Dad and no one can ever take his place. The Man who is my biological father is still alive, and knows that he is my biological father, I also have step siblings. I am not the slightest bit curious about the man but I am curious about my half siblings. These half siblings are the cousins of my cousins. (My Mom had an affair with my aunts husbands brother)

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