Adult Stepdaughter tried to hit me

by Glen54
(New Jersey)

We went to a family wedding and I rented a house for the family stay in. I should have known better than to do something so nice... good deeds never go unpunished.

My 32 year old SD who is a recovering addict with 2 children were there. My husband adores his grandchildren. Her husband, is in questionable recovery.

After my SD has repeatedly given me attitude regarding the fact that the family keeps using her old e-mail, I said "you should check your old e-mail" her response was DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO"... I then said "that's what most people who change e-mails do... she then continued to tell me how she is an adult and I have no place telling her what to do. i finally YELLED SHUT UP... I wanted the discussion to stop... she proceeded to run at me yelling I have no right to tell her to shut up.... I ran away... I feared that she would hurt me.

We were 3 hours to wedding time, and to say the least we had a terrible time

I will not have anything to do with her... my guess is that she is no longer going to AA meetings and I was about to be her punching bag

My husband has Parkinson's and anxiety is really bad for him.... he wants me to let it go, but I am truly frightened...I don't see how I can be with someone who thinks words deserve punches

I will not stop her from seeing him...but I will not be around.

Interesting tidbit... we had just given her $100 for gas.. she heard me tell my husband that we are not giving her any more money... she said she was giving us the money back, she didn't want anything from me... of course she never did... she is hoping that the extra cash we've been giving her will still be around... I don't think so!

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Aug 29, 2012
So sorry for you.
by: Anonymous

I have given my SD thousands of dollars over the years, most of which she was supposed to repay but never will.

Why do adult SDS hate us so much? I'm really disturbed and sad about this situation especially since I love her children. She has told them that they were moving out of state and that they would never see me again. She punched me in front of them and my last recollection was hearing them scream as they left.

I fear for the children as she has a violent temper and is mentally ill, but nobody will do anything to help. I'm helpless and hopeless.

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