ADD spouse to be thinks I am always negitive

My spouse thinks that I am the negitive one & I
always wrong. It all started again on monday when we tried to go buy furniture. He & sales person were talking & they were discusing room colors. I said our living room is rust not red. he said no it is campbell soup red. it was like what ever i said I was the negitive one? when we got home i brought it up when we were measuring the dementions of the room. he said what does it matter about the color when this is a old house? I said it still should match our color scheme. he ended up walking out on me & went for walk & did not want to talk to me for the rest of the day. he left a note asking me if i was snooty because the sales person had his attention? and he had her draw a diagram of sectional with the lounge coming out that would be by our wood stove. so I had brought that up also. he argued with me and under my breath.
he said in front of sales girl why do you have to be so negitive? I was embarassed as I was just mentioning that that would not work & what the actuual color of room was. I continued to draw floor plan of room. later when i came back from store the first thing out of his mouth was the plans you drew are in feet not inches. I said i had put both inches & feet on the plan and what difference does it make. it can be figured out really easy?

Since then he has text me saying i am insane & it seems he does not get it. i keep asking him why can't he ever just listen to what i have to say. he says i should not talk. that i am a stupid ass. i ask him if he would maybe not always tell me i am negative and maybe more positive to my comments then maybe i would not seem so negative to him?

He never listens to what I have to say & usually interupts me before I am finished. He turns things around. He says I am negative when he is the one always looking for something I have done wrong. Lately he is telling me I have 2 days to quit job or work days not nights. go to 12 step aa meetings.

i am on the defence all the time. I spend to much time in the bathroom, I just can not do anything correct in his eyes.

also, i had ny hair dyed & hair extensions put in a few months ago & it ended up a disaster. my over processed hair w/extensions started falling out. I never said anything to him until lately. about 2 months went by. i was hiding the areas that i was bald and dinaklly decided when it grew out a inch that i would cut it short so it can now grow out pretty evenly. i look horrible with short hair so i bought a wig to wear when i am at work or we go out. the other day i lost it as i was just depressed about my hair. he said he feels bad about it but it will grow. i cried for along time. It really was a huge mistake i made to get these extensions and very expensive one too. then in text after we argued about the above issues with furniture. he says to me that i have spent hours messing with my hair in bathroom and now all i can do is keep blameing the hairsalon for what happurt as he does not know all the details i tried to explain but he thinks i am blaming them for what i did to my hair.

help. i will love to hear wht anyone feels about this mess i am dealing with???

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Nov 12, 2012
he is a bully
by: Denise

Sounds to me like your husband is a bully,anyone who loves someone enough to be married to them should not treat them like trash. You can either stand up to him and tell him he needs to start giving you the respect you deserve or else ,or start treating him and talking to him the same way he does you. Instead of waiting for him to put you down turn it around on him, its a little childish I know but when he sees how it feels just maybe if he really loves you he will realize how it hurts you. If not then you know he dont care about your feelings and then you need to decide if he is worth staying with when he doesnt care how you feel.Why should you have to hide the hair thing with him ? it happened it messed up and you have a right to complain.Bullies dont pick on people who fight back.My mom always said people cant walk on you if you dont lay down like a rug and let them.Good Luck

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