A mother's kept secret is told in truth

I'm on this site because I have compassion for my granddaughter I have never met and wanted to know what she must be going through. You see I had a son at the age of 15 gave up for adoption for I thought at the time for a better life, I found him 10 years ago he was 32 and I was 52 years old.I was overjoyed to of found him.. my whole life searching for him. He told me of the children he had my grandchildren. I met the two that he had separated from the mom when they where babies. I have a great relionship with them. He had another relationship with another woman and separate from her when there baby was a infant. He told me her name so of course I wanted to met her. I contacted the mother on facebook telling her I'm her grandmother and she told me to give her my info and will keep it but doesn't want me to have contact with my granddaughter because the dad is not a good man. So when my granddaughter was around 14 I asked if I could have contact and she said no. So when she was 18 I contacted her my granddaughter on facebook and she was surprised who I was, it was then I realized she never knew that her real dad was my son and her mom had told her her whole life that her step-dad was her biological father.Her mom had lied to her and I'm sure she was and is devastated. We where chatting back and fourth on facebook exchanging pics and everything was great for 2 days then the mom gave it to me saying lm selfish person and my granddaughter wants nothing to do with me I know that is not true. Her mom said to leave her alone and sent me nasty email. I know her mom is upset that I told my granddaughter the truth and all the hidden truth is out in the open and her step-dad and other step brothers are not biological. How she most feel I love her and don't even know her I shared pics with her of my side and her sisters and brothers. How could her mom be so mean even now that it is out in the open not to want her to knew me.I know my granddaughter wants contact with me and her mother is making threats not to. I know my granddaughter will contact but I worry about her well being as she must have so many emotions and trust issues now. Any suggestions should I wait till she contacts me?Im sure she doesn't know her mom has sent so many awful texts to me to stay away. All because her lies are revealed.

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