A Dialogue Between the Heart and the Brain

by Mamolyn Anni
(Marshall Islands)

I wrote this poem for my english class showing how I always have inner arguments with myself.

In a world full of deceit, anger, and pain,
How much love will I ever gain?
The head steering me clear of any romance,
Claiming that it will never be as gay as bromance.
Couples roaming about with tightly, clasped hands,
Kissing, causing fireworks, through the fairs in all the stands.
The twinkling of the eyes, causing me envy
Of the love I can never have, unlike a worthless penny.
Pained, because of these stubborn thoughts,
Forcing me to build this bricked wall around myself, ignoring all its faults.


How long will it take for me to convince
The heart that love isn't hard to resist?
A wall well-needed around the heart,
Makin' it invincible from all these filthy farts.
Men, all claiming to have innocent motives,
Havin' all the ladies falling, expecting roses.
I prepare the heart to grow thorns,
Giving them the same shape as the Devil's horns.
The brain, me, acting as a protector of the heart,
Chasing away yearnings that will break us apart.


Why is it that though thoughts of protection
Provided by the brain are filling me up, the doubts telling it needs correction?
Why should I act on what the brain command
Me, When I can easily do as I demand.
I hurt myself, the times I deny the love I deserved,
Stopping me from sharing the love I have long reserved.
Gifting the lucky one with myself and treasuring
Them like I would to gold, soft love of feathering.
Gracing and honouring men with my unconditional love,
Breaking the wall is the first step as easy as freeing a dove.


But if I want, (should) to keep the heart as close as ever,
I shouldn't prevent it from making decisions forever.
I am the brain after all so maybe I should
Be open minded, for I know I could be good.
The heart wants what the heart wants,
So I shouldn't be pretending to be nonchalant.
Everybody deserves happiness, even if it means taking
A risk, because not acting on the feeling will only cause more breaking.
The heart is resilient so I have no worries,
Because love will provide happiness, creating everlasting stories.

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