20 years of negativity

by Sour Friend

My friend of 20 years I have finally realized needs mental help. She wants to live in my life and is so smothering, i cannot stand it. It has only come to light recently, and I guess I have known it but played it off thinking she is just needy. I have now started to think of our relationship as more of a 'fatal attraction' of sorts. I have been honest with her about my feelings regarding her having to know my whereabouts at all times, who im with, what im doing, etc. The more I try to distance myself the more she is trying to get into the lives of my family members. I love her husband like a brother and I love her children as my own, however, she is mentally draining and fabricates things to make herself feel bad. Everything in my life she thinks revolves around her and she cannot see anything but that. I am getting a divorce, remain very good friends with my soon to be ex and am good friends with her ex-fiance from 20 years ago. This in itself is driving her mad. She cannot see anything but bad in this and has even told me she wont be able to 'tolerate' her best friend hooking up with her ex. This not only bothers me as I am just friends with this person and have been since way before they got together, but her husband is also worried about her interest. She has even accused me of sexual things with her ex, which honestly is not happening, but really truly is not any of her business regardless. I am over it because it is a very unhealthy relationship that ive been too blind to see.

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