16 years of living hell with a pycopath

by lisa

I have been married to a man for 16 years that is a controlling person he blames everyone but himself for anything that goes wrong! he blames me for everything when he is the one that is doing everything wrong in our relationship he cheats does drugs spends money out of control but he still manages to keep his job! he talks badly about everybody even people sitting right next to us in a restaurant he will make fun of them!!! one time a lady heard him and confronted him about it and he turned it all on her telling her she was the one making the scene not him I have recenlty filed for divorce because he is a very abusive person and i couldn't take his abuse anymore I am sure he has found someone else and she will soon be the one to get controlled not me or his 2 other marriages before me I know i have to heal from all of this and my 2 teenage daughter also are probably going to need counseling its a sad thing but i am glad to be finally free i never thought i was going to get out.......

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Mar 25, 2015
im still living with mines
by: diamond e.

I left several times and seem to be right back it is the same all the same I ask myself will I ever be free of him of my self I hate that he treats me n my kids like crap I should have never had come back I feel like no matter where I am he will find me of his family

Aug 08, 2012
Good for You!
by: d brooks

that is wonderful that you finally found the courage and strength to get this monster out of life, believe me i know what that feeling is like. and it is also good that you are trying to move on with your life as well and my PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU. take care of yourself......

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