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Dealing with frustrations
March 01, 2006

Dealing with Frustrations

Wow, it's March 1 already. This year seems to be going by quick. February seemed to have a number of frustrating days for me. There were technical problems with the site (all the pages were coming up 404), work was going slower than I'd hoped, I got a few rejection letters, and I've been reading about SPAM sites (web sites with zero information) making a ton of money while I put so much work into my site for what would seem no reason. It all made me feel like I was getting nowhere. To top it all off, a nasty lady yelled at me and my dog, Barney, for no reason in the park one day. But, these things are just a part of life. We all go through those days when no matter how hard you try, you just don’t seem to be getting anywhere. But, if you just keep taking steps in the direction you want to go, they eventually pass. Anyway, for this newsletter, I thought some articles on frustration and procrastination would be appropriate.

So, this time I have the following articles:
1. Frustration - 8 Ways to Deal With It
2. Procrastination – Is It Causing You to Lose Focus With Your Goals?

3. Your Inner Voice - 4 Reasons to Listen to It Instead of Limiting Beliefs
4. I Feel Like an Outsider. Like I Don’t Belong.
Here are 5 tips on what to do when you feel like you just don't fit in.

New Pages
I have also set up a brand new page called Free Self Help Books. One of the books available is from Charles Burke who is the author of “Command More Luck” and “Inside the Minds of Winners”. Charles has graciously provided me with a copy of his book, “If this is my Comfort Zone”. It’s an excellent book on how to find your life purpose. Hope you enjoy it.

If you read “My Personal Experience with Sad” story last month, as an update I have added my comparison of the two SAD lights I use: SAD Light Review – Sadelite and the Litebook.

Till next time.


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