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A Blueprint For Happiness? - Newsletter September 2007
September 12, 2007

I have some exciting things to share this time.

First, I have an exclusive interview with the author Barbara Sachs Sloan in which I talk to her about her books, Focus: A Blueprint For A Happier Life and The FocusBlueprint Objectives Workbook.

I recently read these books and I thought that sheíd be fascinating to speak with. Just as I expected, she was fantastic and provided deep insights into:
- how to deal with people you think are jerks
- why itís important to learn to center yourself and
- how to focus on what you want

Sheís an amazing person as well as an author and I was thrilled to be able to interview her.
Think youíre really going to like this interview:
Interview With Barbara Sachs Sloan

Quick Tip for Procrastination
The next time you find yourself procrastinating, ask yourself this little question:

What am I focusing on?

Your procrastination may be due to focusing on how hard it will be to complete the task, or how much time it will take, or how unpleasant it will be or even your fears about working on it. Acknowledge the reasons why you donít want to do the task and then switch your focus to how nice it will be to have it done, or how great the accomplishment will feel or even why you want to finish it. By doing this, youíve instantly changed your focus and you will most likely find it much easier to get going on that task.

Iíve been trying this out with grocery shopping which I really dislike. So, instead of focusing on the crowds or the hassle of getting there or carrying the groceries into the house, Iím trying to focus on being able to buy something I really want to eat or on a meal I want to make. So far, it does seem to make it easier and really why make life harder on yourself than it needs to be?


New on Life With Confidence

Send A Positive Thought
Iím starting something new on the site. Iím calling it ďSend a Positive ThoughtĒ and itís a picture with an inspirational message which you can print out for yourself or send to someone else with your own personalized message. Theyíre like mini motivational posters and I have 8 so far with plans for lots more. Iím also going to be making a calendar closer to the end of the year with these thoughts so if you like them, watch for the Life With Confidence calendar coming soon.

What you need to do first in order to develop Self Confidence
There is something you absolutely need to be willing to do before you can start to develop self confidence. It's something that sounds simple and it is but it requires awareness. This article is all about letting go. Once you discover this, youíll be amazed at how quickly changes will start to happen for you.

In Confidence Games, Iíve added a new puzzle. Itís a picture puzzle which you put together simply using your mouse.

Confidence Quotes - Readers have been adding some great confidence quotes to the Quotes page including their thoughts as to why the quotes mean so much to them. Check out the new visitor added quotes and add your own quote if you have a good one you want to share. Iíd love to hear them.

Share Your Knowledge Ė have you tried out any confidence products lately? Did you like them or hate them? Why not share your experiences so that others can avoid the bad ones and stick to the good ones? Iíve set up an easy to enter form for you to add your experiences. I can only try out so many myself and I was thinking it would be so great to be able to have a place where people give their honest feedback on items theyíve tried. This way, you can avoid all the marketing hype and get the real information on whether a product is worth it or not.

If youíve read any confidence books, you can also share your knowledge on this page: Best Confidence Books

Well, I think that's it for this time. Remember to check out the exclusive interview with the author Barbara Sachs Sloan. I'm hoping to be able to interview some more fascinating people soon.

Take Care


P.S. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reply to this email or use my Contact Form

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