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How Your Thoughts Create Your Own Reality
November 21, 2006

I haven't had a chance to send out a Life With Confidence newsletter for awhile now. My real job seems to have taken all my time lately but I decided I needed to make the time to write to you. You're important and I appreciate so much that you've signed up to receive my newsletter. Besides, I also really miss writing to you.

Thought I'd also share an interesting discovery I made lately. I had the opportunity to visit the Glenbow Museum where they're having an exhibit on Ancient Egypt. It was good but the exhibit that really got me thinking was the one that was next to it and we just happened to go in out of curiosity. It was called, "Many Faces, Many Paths: Art of Asia". It contained sculptures in stone, wood, metals, as well as masks and paintings from the first centuries to the 18th century. Fascinating and beautiful. A number of the sculptures depicted an ancient Hindu Goddess named Kali. This exhibit described Kali in a way I hadn't seen before. Under one particular sculpture, my friend pointed to the nicely typed description underneath her, and said,:

"It says she's the Goddess of Death and Destruction and emotions like anger and hate. Yet down here it says she's the Goddess of Enlightenment. How can she be both? I don't get it."

Do you get it?

It's simple yet truly profound. My take on it is that it's emotions like anger, hate, greed, and blame that cause such death and destruction in the world. Not only in the world but also within yourself. It's those emotions that when unchecked will eat you up inside. Once you're able to move to a point where you are the one in control of your emotions and not the other way around, your self destructive ways will no longer exist.

If you think about it, a happy, peaceful person is not the one lashing out at others in anger or creating a war. I can think back to a time in my life when I was incredibly angry. Angry with myself, angry at everyone around me and just plain angry at the world. And what did I have in my life, more anger and destruction. Not only was I unhappy, I wasn't healthy and I was very good at finding all sorts of ways to self destruct or sabotage anything good in my life. I was also surrounded by it. The people I was friends with, the people I worked with, even my neighbors were all incredibly unhappy. I'd watch the news to see more death and destruction and point that out and say, "See, the whole world sucks!"

But now that I've come a long way in becoming a much more happy human being, it just doesn't exist anywhere near as much in my life. The people I work with are great, my friends are much more positive minded and I rarely watch the news now because that's just not who I am. Whereas before, I'd have to watch it everyday. Wanting to see more and more.

The thoughts you consistently have on a daily basis is a direct representation of the type of life you'll be leading. If you can rise above anger, blame, hatred, or at least be the one in control of your emotions and not let them control you then you will find a form of "enlightenment". Let the emotions take over your life and you have death and destruction. For me, this is an amazingly profound message. It's also great encouragement that building one's confidence really is one of the ways to achieving inner peace and happiness. A pretty incredible insight into the world.

New Articles
As well, I do have a few new articles to share. They follow the same theme and are about how your thoughts create your reality:

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- When We Blame Others
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- Mirroring - a Key to Understanding Ourselves
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Spiritual Cinema

The web site for "The Secret" is where you can watch a trailer and learn more about the movie itself.


Anyway, that's all for this time. Hope all is well in your world. I'd love to hear from you if you get a chance. You can reply to this email or you can use my Contact Form.

Talk to you soon.

Life With Confidence

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