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Answering the "how's" - Life With Confidence Newsletter
May 03, 2007

Just a really quick email to let you know whatís new on the Life With Confidence web site.

Hope you're having a really good week.

New Articles
A Quick Tip To Help You Reach Your Goals
This is such a quick and easy thing to do but it will keep you focused on always moving towards your goals.

How do I even start to build confidence and self esteem?
A reader submitted this question and I thought it would be a good one to share as Iím sure there are others with the same question.

How do I stop being so hard on myself?
This is also in response to a reader asked question

How to change your thoughts
When you decide to start thinking more positively, you may find that itís easy to slip back into bad habits. Hereís why that happens and some tips on how to change your thoughts.

Sale on Alan Tuttís Products
Also, just to let you know, if youíre interested in any of Alan Tuttís products, you may have read his introduction to Power Persuasion on the Self Help Ebooks page, heís slashing his prices by about 50%. But, only until May 18. He has a lot of self development products, training courses, and meditation mp3ís to choose from so, if youíve been considering any of his products, now would be the time to make a purchase.
Alan Tuttís Products

Take Care


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