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May 15, 2006

Thought you might be interested in a cool, little tool I just discovered called Choose It. It was originally created to help people decide between web hosting packages but it seems to work for just about any decision as long as it’s not a “yes” or “no” question. It needs to be more like “where should I go on my next vacation?”

How it works is that it asks you to answer a few questions and then it calculates a solution for you based upon what you entered. So, as long as you answer honestly, you’re going to get a well thought out answer. So if you have any decisions that you're agonizing over right now, maybe give it a try. It's always interesting to get a different point of view even if it is from a computer. It’s kind of fun to see what it comes up with and best of all it’s completely free. You don't even need to provide an email address. You can find it at: Choose It.

Also, for being so great and subscribing to my newsletter, I’d like to give you the very first copy of my brand new ebook, “The Power of Frustration - What Everybody Should Know About How To Deal With Frustrations". It's about how to use any frustrations you're having to your advantage. You'll discover how your frustration can actually unlock the secret to achieving your greatest desires. You may recognize some of the chapters as they were originally articles on the site. I’d been receiving requests to have an easier way of printing some of the articles so this ebook combines the frustration pages in one easy to print ebook. You can be one of the first to download it for free. Let me know what you think. I'd love to get your comments and feedback before I release it to the general public. After I get some feedback, this is the page, The Power of Frustration, where people will be able to download a copy. So, if you have any family or friends that you think would also like to take a look, they can visit this page.

I also have the following new articles to tell you about:

New Articles
How to Be Good Enough or What I Learnt From Barney the Dog
My dog Barney provided me with a valuable lesson this week which totally changed how I viewed my past. (Yes, I'm shamelessly showing pictures of my puppy. When you look at the pictures, imagine him with a green head. He dyed himself green yesterday rolling around in the freshly mown grass. He's such a silly dog.)

Body Pains or Emotions Not Acknowledged?
I had a back ache that just wouldn’t go away. Well, not until I read a book on releasing emotions to heal pain. It was a fascinating new way of regarding the power of our emotions especially when we don’t acknowledge them.

That’s all for this time. Remember let me know what you think about the ebook. I hope you like it.

Talk to you soon.

Life With Confidence

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