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June 07, 2006

“Why did you bring a jacket? It’s really hot outside.”

My husband’s friend asked him this when we met up with him the other day. I thought his answer was a good one, “Brainwashed by my mom, I guess. She always said you can take off layers but you can’t put them on if you didn’t bring them.”

Did your mom ever say that to you? Mine certainly did. And, I still always bring an extra layer of clothing when I go somewhere no matter how warm it is.

The other "brainwashing” by my mom that still gets me to this day is that I was told you had to clean your house before you go away. She said it would be terrrible if something happened to you and someone had to come into your house and they saw that it was a mess. Really, if something happened to me I doubt if worrying about what people thought of my housekeeping skills would be one of my top concerns. But it’s one of those ideas that you just take as the truth and you don’t even question why you do it. It just goes to show maybe sometimes, you do need to stop and think why you’re doing something. Is it because it truly is a good idea or is it because that’s simply what you’ve always done? As the saying says, “If you do what you've always done, you will get what you've always got.” And yes, I have to admit even though I question it, I still always clean my house before I go away. Some brainwashing is harder to change than others, I guess. Although, if someone did have to come into my house, I’m sure the vacuum would be sitting in the corner waiting to be used like it always is. Maybe they’d do the vacuuming for me. LOL

Do you have any "words of wisdom" from your mom that you still do?

Anyway, here's what's new on the site this week:

New Articles This Week

  • How to Easily Achieve Confidence And Success – Guaranteed

  • Why Emotional Stress & Pain Isn’t Always Such a Bad Thing

  • What’s Your Story? Do You Need To Let It Go?
  • New Features Added
    A Sitemap / Search Page
    I’ve added a Search Engine for Everything Confidence Related to make it easier to find information on the site. The site map will also make it easier to find a certain article or to see if you’ve missed anything that might interest you.

    A What’s New page
    You'll notice a "What's New" option on the nav bar now but you’ll always be kept up to date by this newsletter.

    That’s all for this time. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reply to this email or send me a note through my Contact Form.

    Talk to you soon.

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