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How to Deal With Negative People and Jealousy
August 16, 2006

The lady who owned my house before me was crazy. Iím convinced of this because I have spent the last two years trying to restore her ďimprovementsĒ back to how I think they were originally. She was an interior designer so Iím sure she thought she was doing cool things. Some of her ideas were to paint a gorgeous cedar ceiling neon yellow and any small room so navy blue they were almost black. She also used 7 different paint colors in the kitchen all of which, in my opinion, clashed with each other. And, letís not even talk about the horrors she did in the basement. It looked horrible but strangely enough, I didnít see any of that when I bought the house. To me, the house had such a beautiful layout and was very bright and sunny. Thatís what I fell in love with.

Anyway, currently Iím working on stripping the paint off the wood ceiling and it got me thinking that itís very much like personal development. Over the years, well meaning people have coated us with layers that donít match our true personality. Whether it's limiting beliefs or negative thoughts about ourself, it takes time to strip away the layers of negativity and grime that weíve gathered over the years so that our true beauty can shine through. Some areas are stubborn to restore and other parts are easy but, all the hard work and elbow grease is very much worth it in the end. There is nothing as beautiful as the real you.

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