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Life With Confidence Newsletter - Gratitude, TV, and Product Reviews
March 22, 2006

Gratitude, TV and Product Reviews

Just a quick note to let you know what’s new on Life With Confidence this week. New articles are:

Why Do Good Things Happen to Negative People?
If you read positive thinking books, it says that if you think positive thoughts, good things will come to you. So, why do negative people also have good things happening to them?

Attitude of Gratitude - The Gratitude Exercise
Gratitude is a necessary skill if you want to ever achieve inner peace and happiness. But, like all skills it takes practice. Here’s an exercise to not only work on your gratitude skill but it may also be a true eye opener for you as you’ll discover what you’ve really been thinking about all day. Are you up to the challenge?

The Bad Habit of TV – What Are You Really Using it For?
I have a friend who has decided to give up watching TV for awhile. It’s been a really positive experience for her as she’s learnt far more than she expected. It made me wonder why do most of us mindlessly turn on the TV? It’s definitely more than to just watch a certain show. See if the thoughts I came up with match any of the emotions you may be avoiding.

I’ve also added a new category called, “Product Reviews”.
I spend a lot of money on books, courses, and various other confidence products. I thought I’d review some of the latest ones I’ve tried. This week, I’ve reviewed:

Simpleology 101 (the Simple Science of Getting What You Want)
• the book “How What You Wear Can Change Your Life”
• the “I’m a High Achiever” CD

Hope you enjoy this edition of Life With Confidence.

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Until next time.


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