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Gossip, Anger, and Being Tired
January 19, 2006

Gossip, Anger, and Being Tired

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Now, that the legal stuff is out of the way, I have 4 new articles for you to read this week. Hope you enjoy them.

1. Are you willing to avoid gossip to build your self-confidence?
You can find gossip in just about any workplace. Some people will think it’s just harmless fun but if you get involved with it then what you’re actually doing is destroying your own self confidence. Take a look at why we do it, what happens when we do, and how to not get involved in the first place. Full Story

2. Self Growth through Anger
Anger can be a valuable tool for self growth if we know how to use it. It can be a sign that we’re not dealing with an issue and it can provide deep insights into ourselves. The problem is usually we’re too busy being angry at people or external events to learn the valuable lesson our emotion is trying to tell us. We’re blaming others for our feelings when really we should be looking inside. Full Story

3. I'm So Tired. What Your Brain Might be Trying to Tell You
If you feel tired all the time, it can be tough to develop self confidence. Being tired doesn’t always just mean you haven’t had enough sleep. Here’s a few other possible reasons why you might be feeling tired. Full Story

4. Always Tired? Maybe You Have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
SAD is also sometimes known as the Winter Blues because it’s usually triggered by the shortened hours of light during the winter. It’s estimated to affect 6 out of 100 people in North America. If you feel tired and are craving carbohydrates, you might be interested in reading my personal story of Life With SAD. Full Story

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