why is it so hard?

by Sarah P.
(Jerusalem, Israel)

I am always tired and I"m always thirsty--i'm pretty certain that if I drink more, that'll get rid of both my problems. Yet I find it so difficult to drink water. I always say, "I'm too thirsty to drink." do you ever feel that way? Maybe i'm just lazy? my skin, hair, gums, and eyes, are all super dry. i'm much more inclined to drink juice, but can't really afford the calories. you've already offered good tips--i just need to motivate myself to follow them. the 2 glasses of water first thing in the morning is the first thing i'm going to adopt. that's when i'm the thirstiest. thanks for your tips!

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Jul 14, 2010
this is not an emotional issue
by: Anonymous

I do not know when this was originally posted. but want to tell you to please have your blood sugars checked by a doctor. You have talked about real physical symptoms that might be diabetes. You can do some research on the internet.

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